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Here's my bio...

My full name is Cynthia Louise Dillon (PLEASE - call me Cindy). I live in Ravenswood, WV.  Most of my life has been spent living in WV, however, I have moved around a few times. 
When I was little we lived in Florida for a short period of time.  My memories of  Florida are those of rain and mosquitos. I lived in Atlanta, GA while I went to school there (two years and became a minister in the Salvation Army).  During the school years, we traveled to Oklahoma and Texas.  That was really interesting!  I found that they were so flat.  After seeing the hills at home, I didn't want to stay there long!  I love my hills!!!  (But I am beginning to hate the snow! LOL)
After a few months in the ministry, I chose to marry my "childhood sweetheart".  The SA has strict rules about this and they required that I leave the ministry.  Oh the things we do for love... Well, even though I didn't minister within that church any more, I still preached.  Just ask my children!  They say I sometimes get on a roll. 
I now use my ministry in the Charleston, WV church for the Salvation Army. I play piano, sing solos during church and teach the young adults (ages 19 and up).  I love helping out where I can.  Just recently the pastor has asked me to help with leading the youth ministry in our church.  I have accepted it.  I just want to do what God wants me to do!


2009 goals...
Many of these goals were from last year.  I didn't get them done... but this year I will hold these close to my heart and with God's help... we will get it done!
1. Lose 50 pounds
2. Starting a singing group
3. Spend more time in God's word. 
4. Learning more about being intimate with God.
5. Share my faith and be an example to others.
6. Write my devotional book.

My Favorites

My All in All                                     Movie 
Jesus Christ                         Fiddler on the Roof           
Singing Group                                    Color
Cathedrals                             Red, Yellow and Blue
The Happy Goodman               (Salvation Army Colors)
The Easters                                       Food
                                           Steak w/Mushrooms         
Things I collect                             and Onions
"Precious Moment"                   
Thimbles and Dolls                             Drinks
Bills... (Who doesn't collect them?)    Diet Coke!